How Bookmark BREEV and Set it as Your Homepage

Since we want to make the BREEV experience as easy and accessible as possible, we have made a short tutorial on how to both bookmark and set BREEV as your homepage for quick access.

How to Bookmark

We have made a separate search page that is cleaner, without our mission statement and polls. While you can still use the main page for searching if you wish, this tutorial will cover how to bookmark the new search page.

On your browser of choice you will notice a star in the top search bar (circled in red). Note, the search page has a suite of social buttons on the left side so that it can be easier for you to share the site with your friends.

Once you have navigated to the star, click on it to get the above menu. You can place BREEV in a specific folder if you have them, or you can leave the options alone and allow BREEV to be on your bookmark bar for easiest access.

Once you have done that, you should see BREEV pop up on your bar (or folder of choice if you chose to do so). Simple as that.

Alternatively you can use ‘Ctrl+D’ (‘Cmd ⌘+D’ on Mac) when you are on the page of your choice to bookmark it that way.

Homescreen Bookmark

If you want to access the BREEV search page from your Android home screen, we have made a short gif detailing the process.

Additionally, we made a short tutorial about how to do the same thing within iOS.

How to Set as Homepage

For even easier access, we will show you how to set the search page as your homepage, so you can start searching as soon as you launch your browser.

Navigate to the search page and navigate to your setting page.

Once there you scroll down to the bottom where you are greeted with the following screen. From here you can do 1 of 2 things.

  1. If would be happy with the current tabs you have being opened every time that you open your browser (minus the settings tab), then click on “use current pages”.
  2. If you want just specifically the BREEV search page to be your homepage, and no other tabs that you might have currently open to start with your browser, then click on “add a new page”.

From there you can type in the URL of the search page,, and the press “add”. The search page should now appear in the list and start up every time you open your browser.

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