Breev is composed of a small group of individuals that hope to slow down catastrophic climate change. While our interests are rooted in the automotive transition towards electrification, we can see the same problems that slow down the electrification of automobiles also appear in the transition towards global green energy use. Policies that stifle progress and lack of information for the general public are the main hindrances towards cutting carbon emissions. Like many, we wanted to do something that could possible transition humanity towards more environmentally conscious means of energy.

While brainstorming, we found several organizations that are trying to both push legislation and educate the public about more green practices, the two major roadblocks that we’ve mentioned. We wanted to somehow lend a helping hand to these organizations as all of them were non-profit. We wanted to find a way to raise funds as simply as possible. Could we somehow gain funding from something that people do every day?

And with that, Breev was born. With every search that a user makes on our site, they provide us with funding that we can distribute to the proper organizations. It works in the background and doesn’t require users to donate any of their own money to help these organizations fighting for a green future. Additionally, we hope to become a hub for non-profits that share these goals and be able to promote some of the lesser known organizations to our users.

So go ahead and search, and hopefully one day we’ll be able to breathe easy.